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October 13, 2009
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TSoL - WW concepts by ryttu3k TSoL - WW concepts by ryttu3k
Character designs for The Stuff of Legends, a modern Zelda AU for NaNoWriMo. This time... the Wind Waker kids!

Name: Aryll
Age: 13
Race: Hylian
Attire: Pale blue sleeveless top, light blue skirt with red flowers, brown sandals, black rubber bracelets
Role: Aryll is just another girl who likes birds and skywatching. So why does she keep trying to talk to Link?

Name: Medli
Age: 14
Race: Rito
Attire: Dark blue dress with dark green trim, red waistcoat, yellowish boots
Role: A harpist in the school band and best friend to Makar, Medli has a crush on Sheik, the unattainable older boy who also has red eyes and plays the harp. Too bad, then, that she misses what's right in front of her...

Name: Makar
Age: 14
Race: Hylian
Attire: Green t-shirt, dark green shorts, army-green slip-on shoes, a variety of hippie-esque necklaces
Role: A violinist and Medli's best friend, Makar is a sweet, sensitive boy with an adoration for nature and is best described as a tree-hugger. Medli is fond of teasing him by saying if he eats any more plants, he'll turn into one.

Name: Fado
Age: 15
Race: Hylian
Attire: Dark green/black long-sleeved collared shirt (untucked), ligher green t-shirt, tan pants, dark brown boots
Role: Like his little brother, Makar, Fado also plays the violin - in fact, the one Makar plays now is his old one.

Name: Komali
Age: 14
Race: Rito
Attire: Long-sleeved white tunic top over a green t-shirt, loose blue jeans, light brown boots
Role: A privilidged, unhappy kid, Komali has just about everything he wants except for one thing. And that's mostly because she has her eye on someone else.
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JAZMYN-Firefly May 3, 2011  Student General Artist
No flippin fair.

Fado looks as young as ten.

but he might be eleven or twelve.
ryttu3k May 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I know - I felt pretty iffy about ageing him up! But unfortunately, a race of eternal children doesn't really fit a modern AU that well, and he really is a bit character. (The focus on that chapter is on Medli and Komali.) There wasn't really a workable solution there.
Cool, where do you have your story, is it posted?
ryttu3k May 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, no, it's my story. It's posted here! :)
Opps, I reread the author note and saw it was for another autor, sorry. Your drawing is reall good though.
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